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Since 2013, young people from VirginiaTech University in Blacksbury, Virginia have been coming to Rwanda, Kigali, divided into two groups.


After a short sightseeing tour in the city and a visit to the memorial, during their month stay in Nyamyumba, they carry out various activities with great enthusiasm: 

- work in the fields with local farmers

- participation in house construction work

- participation in various village activities

- children's activities during school vacations

- computer and English classes

- emergency food distribution to the vulnerable

- participation in community meetings

The two groups, of about 20 people, are hosted on a rotating basis at casa Mabawa and casa Mabawa 2 (until 2023) and in the new casa Mabawa 3 (since 2024).

Are you an university interested in organizing stays of

"Life Experience" in Nyamyumba?

Contact us via mail

or phone +41792401507

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