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About Us


Active in the Great Lakes region between Congo, DRC and Rwanda, the scene in recent decades of dramatic conflicts that have led to a tragic deterioration in the living conditions of the population.

Since June 1998

a group of friends and acquaintances, united by the desire to help families and children who are victims of wars and without means.


Since January 2004

to give an official appearance to the commitment made, and in the face of the exponential growth of the activities, a Mabawa association "Ali per l'Africa" ​​(Switzerland)
The vision extends: aid for sustainable development and the autonomy of entire communities.


Since June 2007

the Mabawa association "Ali per l'Africa" ​​Onlus is founded with headquarters in Milan (Italy)


Since September 2009

certification from the Rwandan government. Reg 85 / DGI & E


Mission statement

The strength and the particularity that unites all our projects is the optimization of the social capital and the enhancement of the human resources present in the village.


Nothing extraneous is imposed in the daily simplicity of the life of the inhabitants of our communities, precisely in order not to create any new need.


If sustainable development must not create any kind of extraneous dependence, but must concentrate on maximizing the resources already present, that is the social and human capital, the only true and inexhaustible force of any rural reality.

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Taniche per l'acqua (Jerricane)
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