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The Great Nyamyumba

A project that was not planned from the very beginning,

but has followed steps it has indicated;

becoming what it is only thanks to the time dedicated to it,

observation, acceptance of the real needs of the population

and to the huge commitment and enthusiastic participation of the locals.


Of course, funds are very important,

but the beating heart is the attention:

the focus on the individual and the community.


Over the years, nothing extraneous has been imposed

on the daily simplicity of the inhabitants of Nyamyumba

so as not to create any new needs

dictated by our culture.


Development, if sustainable,

must not create any kind of external dependency

but rather make the most of the resources already present

-the social and human capital-

the only true and inexhaustible force.

Mabawa won the award for the best integrated project for the South province.


The national television produced and broadcast the video you find below ... unfortunately only in Kinyarwanda but it is worth it for the beautiful images and the satisfaction: in competition there were large NGOs with capital inaccessible to us!

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