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Great Nyamyumba: Microcredits


Mabawa micro-credits granted to those who present innovative projects. A large part of the village has reached a satisfactory standard of living thanks to the spirit of enterprise: seamstresses, small businesses, carpenters, small farms,...

Since May 2013, a minibus run by a driver of the village offers a connection service with Butare (market, hospital, various trades, etc. ...) taking the village out of isolation.


The bakery


Built in stages from 2006 to 2011. Since 2008 it has been managed by a cooperative (with help of microcredit) serving the village and the surrounding area. Since 2013 it has been working in a totally autonomous way.


The minibus


This is a project wanted by Mabawa to remove the village from isolation. It cannot be defined as a microcredit (20,000 USD), even if managed with the same parameters: in fact, it provides for a repayment with low interest for 3-4 years and a mortgage on the object. It was financed by private donors and for a small part by Mabawa.

The village has enthusiastically welcomed this innovation, which allows the inhabitants to go to Butare at an affordable price. This makes it possible to reach the hospital, visit relatives, shop at the market or connect to more distant locations using other means of transport.

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