Great Nyamyumba: Water for All


Connection of Nyakanyinya and Rubiha to the Nyamyumba water supply:


This realization is part of the project of peaceful cohabitation of the two communities.
The conviction that this cannot be achieved without a balanced quality of life and access to basic necessities has led us to give priority to this project.


Nyakanyinya and Rubiha are two traditional hills spread over a vast territory (111 houses). The work was carried out in 3 stages/3 years.


Phase I (completed in December 2012):
Connection to the main aqueduct (2.4 km of water pipelines) and construction of a cistern and four fountains near the main nucleus


Phase II (completed in February 2013):
Construction of a second cistern and two fountains, in order to reach the most remote residential areas.


Phase III (completed in December 2014):
Construction of a third cistern and fountain to effectively serve the remaining nuclei of Nyakanyinya, Rubiha and Mata.


Project carried out with the support of:
a private foundation, Aziende Industriali Luganesi (AIL) and Acquedotti Ticinesi.

Costruzione acquedotto parte 1
Costruzione acquedotto Parte 2
Gente alla fontana
Bambini alla fontana
Bambini alla fontana
Panoramica con Cisterna