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Connect of Nyakanyinya and Rubiha to the Nyamyumba water supply:

This realization is part of the project of peaceful cohabitation of the two communities.
The conviction that this cannot be achieved without a balanced quality of life and access to basic necessities has led us to give priority to this project.


Nyakanyinya and Rubiha are two traditional hills spread over a vast territory (111 houses). The work was carried out in 3 stages/3 years.


Phase I (completed in December 2012):
Connection to the main aqueduct (2.4 km of water pipelines) and construction of a cistern and four fountains near the main nucleus


Phase II (completed in February 2013):
Construction of a second cistern and two fountains, in order to reach the most remote residential areas.


Phase III (completed in December 2014):
Construction of a third cistern and fountain to effectively serve the remaining nuclei of Nyakanyinya, Rubiha and Mata.

In order to resume classes after the lockdown, the government mandated the construction of WASH stations for handwashing, which were later connected to the dedicated water supply and provide water for both hygiene and drinking.

Phase IV: dedicated aqueduct for the secondary school


At present, the secondary school has no water supply system but is connected to the main and only aqueduct that serves about 1500 people living in Greater Nyamyumba. In addition, there are 870 pupils in nursery, primary and secondary schools, plus an unknown number of farmers from neighbouring areas.               

Being located at the end of the pipeline, the school is sometimes without water and often has poor access and insufficient consumption. During the rainy seasons there is water, but the dry seasons can be very harsh and long, and with climate change, reliable projections can no longer be made.

The discovery of the new Gafumba spring marked the beginning of this new project: a dedicated aqueduct with a connection to it.

The work was carried out in 2021 at a rapid pace, demonstrating the real need! The engineer, Adrien Ntegeryimana, did an excellent job, finding a second spring, Gahama, which collected the water from the first one and with an excellent water supply. Now the school has plenty of water!

Tragitto acquedotto

Projects carried out with the support of: a private foundation, Aziende Industriali Luganesi (AIL), Acquedotti Ticinesi and Azienda Multiservizi Bellinzona (AMB).

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