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All Mabawa houses in the "Great Nyamyumba" are built on the same pattern: sometimes they vary by a few square meters when the family is larger (mothers-in-law, cousins, lonely grandparents, or welcomed orphans) but always composed of 1 living room, 2 or 3 rooms, a kitchen (external at the beginning and now internal, with a stove) and latrines. From 2005 to 2018, 113 houses have been made.


Each family also receives beds, benches and small furniture. With microcredit, families can install electricity or add a matted ceiling.


The construction of a house takes 1 month of work.

Great Nyamyumba:

113 houses have been built since November 2005 with the support of the Ambrosoli Foundation, Fondazione Margherita, private sponsors and foundations, Fondazione R.R per l'Aiuto Umanitario and Canton Ticino.


Among these are also the houses of the Pygmies-Batwa on the hill of Kajagali whose story is particularly touching for us: after a visit to the project, Fondazione Margherita adopted with a significant gesture and on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the entire reconstruction of the houses for the 15 families (100 people) and then 15 houses (7 semi-detached and one single-family) were subsequently completed.

2021: 5 new houses in Kajagali

In 2020 and 2021, the government installed new Pygmy families in Kajagali Hill, in line with the new homes of 'our' Batwa Pygmies.

The houses, built in 'umuganda' (community work) were of very poor quality.

Mabawa, which has been following the principle of equal resources and opportunities for all for years, decided to rebuild them.

The work was completed in 2021 and the new group of Pygmies lives in the new houses on Dignity Street.

Via della dignità
Casa Mabawa

Built in 2005 as a simple small house, it has grown over the years to accommodate all the people who have collaborated on our project.


Today it can accommodate 12 people.

Casa Mabawa 2

Built as a second house of passage for the inhabitants during the construction of the new houses. For a time it was used by our first agronomist Valence who, coming from afar, had to be housed in the village. 


The house has 3 rooms, a living room, and a hygge service with a large shower was added at a later date.

In fact, for the past few years it has been used for guests from Mabawa and District executives and for the accommodation of university students visiting Nyamyumba for the Life-experiences.

Casa Mabawa 3

Built in 2023, the house will house visiting college students for the Life-experiences. It has two large rooms with bunk beds and a full bathroom with shower.

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