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Rwanda, Nyaruguru District, Mata Sector
Nyamyumba Village


The community village of Nyamyumba was built in emergency by the Rwandan Government (1995) to provide shelter for survivors of the Genocide (1994).

For ten years its inhabitants have lived through very difficult times, without any help. Mabawa came to the village in January 2005 and undertook a global development project to revive the community and try to restore the village to autonomy. The commitment of its inhabitants has allowed them to regain a dignified life and today, united in cooperatives and committees, they manage all the activities, allowing a glimpse of a future of total self-sufficiency.

Progetto di sviluppo integrato

The village widens: Nyakanyinya

Since 2011 the nearby hill of Nyakanyinya (mainly Hutu) has been part of the territory of Nyamyumba and since 2012 Rubiha is also included. A "development and reconciliation cooperative" is in office and a synergy is being created between the two communities through the progress of economic conditions. Mabawa has been a partner of Nyaruguru District since 2005. Since 2012 there have been joint projects (financially and in terms of construction) of agriculture, house construction and aqueduct.



4 hills, the Great Nyamyumba, a few numbers:


1480 habitants, including:

403 men

564 women

512 children

235 families


Community meetings:

Since the first assembly, in May 2005, there have been many meetings and they have been moments in which everyone could express themselves, ask questions, give opinions: fundamental to move forward together...

The house of the meeting: the "MAISON DE RENCONTRE"

This project has remained in our dreams for so long: there was always something more urgent to complete.

When it became clear that the four hills -Nyamyumba, Nyakanyinya, Rubiha and Kajagali- and more than anything else the three ethnic communities living there had really united in the "Great Nyamyumba", the moment became the right one.

After discussions with the village committee, which communicated our and his wishes to the people, the project was welcomed with great enthusiasm. The District authorized us without any objection to occupy the space on the border between the four hills.

The work was carried out in "umuganda" (community work) by the population, who bought the stones and carried out the construction of the bricks and the raising of the walls. Mabawa provided the roof, carpentry and windows and doors.

Built between June and October 2015, the house of the meeting was inaugurated with a meeting of the entire community of the 4 hills which saw a turnout of about 300 people.

A very strong emotion: the three ethnic groups gathered and fraternally embraced.

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