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In the heart of the slum


After 13 years of support (since 2011), the school in Kadutu has now reached a level of independence that allows autonomy and our collaboration is over.

The center was born in 1998 and with the first money Mabawa rented a room where lessons were given.

In 2000 funds were raised to buy a plot of land and the school was built in the present location (1200 square meters) with classrooms, kitchen, refectory and tanks.

The school consists of 6 elementary and 2 kindergarten classes.

The children, now over 500, have been distributed in two shifts of lessons.
Many of the students followed during the first years are in the upper classes and one of them is the teacher of a class.

During the period of aid, we paid a sum every month that allowed them to improve the quality of teaching, paying the teachers regularly.

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