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In 2005, upon Mabawa's arrival, the existing elementary school needed renovations, which were immediately done. 


The 6 classrooms were refurbished, the roof was reinforced and everything was repainted and cleaned.

New teaching materials were made available to the children and in January 2006 the school year could resume in the renovated premises.

Scuola primaria

I love school!

Scuola primaria.jpg

In 2009, there are beginning to be too many elementary school children.... A new elementary school is needed!

The elementary school was built in two phases in 2009-2010. It currently includes 9 classrooms with a total of about 500 students, divided into two shifts. Unfortunately, not all parents give the right importance to education and often keep them in the camps to help.

All students are given "SoSoMa" daily, a kind of polenta made of soy, sorghum, and corn, which is very nutritious and completes the family diet, often lacking.

An overview of the primary school taken during a walk on Mata Hill, opposite Nyamyumba.

2013 - 05 (72).JPG

Summer 2015... an acknowledgement from the Ministry of Education.


In the summer of 2015, 127 computers were delivered to the school by the One Laptop per Child project (Negroponte/Kofi Annan's MIT project): this brought a great change in the study.


Volunteers rotate throughout the year who help the children become familiar with the English language and improve their use of computers.

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