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During a meeting with the director of the tea factory in nearby Mata, the need emerged to support the mother harvesters by setting up a nursery for infants and small children. 

As in the rest of Africa, the women work by keeping the babies on their backs, exposing them to rain, sun and cold (Mata is located at 2000 meters above sea level). The older children, on the other hand, are left on the ground and often alone.


Mabawa enthusiastically accepted the collaboration. This led to a partnership with the factory, which employs 194 workers and over 1,000 pickers. In a short time, we started a pilot class of about 30 children, but there are still a lot on the waiting list! 


Thanks to the nursery, the little ones find a place where they can spend the day fed and cared for.

Two spaces with covered patios and verandas for outdoor play are already in use to accommodate 30/40 children.

The carpenters of Nyamyumba have built the furniture, Mabawa has provided blankets, diapers, bottles, and other materials.

The children receive meals made from cereal flours.


The work of fitting out the interior was taken on by the factory management, while the exterior work was taken on by Mabawa. As desired by both and in partnership, both financially and logistically. 


Since January 2014, the nursery area for older children was opened.


In 2015, the Nursery was beautified by murals done by VirginiaTech girls.

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