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ASSEMBLY for the year 2019

Dear friends, friends and supporters,

here is the video presentation shown during Katrine's speech, followed by useful documents regarding the assembly for the year 2019.

Audit report

and budgets

Format pdf, 15 Mb

Report of the

president 2019

PDF format, 2.8 Mb

Committee 2020

Format pdf, 66 Kb

Minutes of the evening


Format pdf, 319 Kb

Bigatt, 24.09.2020

Chat with Katrine

Format pdf, 121 Kb

Dear friends, friends and supporters,


we all hope you will be as healthy as we are. The restrictions of recent times have not stopped our projects that continue with new ideas but considering the insecurity of the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to avoid reaching the legal deadline for the AG (30 September) , the committee decided to proceed with the approval of the discussions of the assembly for the year 2019 with the vote by correspondence.


However, we would like to keep the date of September 24, if the circumstances and the decisions of the government allow, for a friendly meeting where we would show you as usual the photographs of the important events of the year. Therefore, please reserve the following date:


September 24, 2020 at 6:15 pm

Ca 'dal Bigatt via Carona 41 Lugano-Paradiso


The price of the dinner is 45.- excluding wine: for organizational reasons, the advance payment will be confirmed by September 15th. The agenda and menu, with payment slip, will be sent to you in due course. In the event of government restrictions, updates on this website will follow.


What does postal voting consist of? We simply ask you to fill in and sign the ballot form (Attachment 1 below) and send it via the pre-paid envelope that we will send you or via email in pdf by scanning the signed document.

You will be informed of the voting results on this page from 20 September and during the dinner on 24 September.


You can download all the material relating to the assembly below.


For those who wish it is possible to request a paper version from: or by SMS / WhatsApp to the numbers: +41 79 242 44 62 and +41 79 240 15 07.


The deadline for completing and submitting the attached voting form is 15 September 2020.

We invite everyone to join this postal ballot right away, thanking you in advance for your understanding and cooperation and wishing everyone the best in this particular time.

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