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Assembly for the year 2016

The shareholders' meeting for the past year was held on 30 March 2017. The appointment is for 6.15 pm at the multipurpose room in Muzzano.

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Virginia Tech University

Also this year Virginia Tech University came to Nyamyumba. A great success and a lot of work!

Autumn dinner 2016

As every year, the AUTUMN DINNER was held at Glicine di Cernobbio. We thank all those present for allowing such a pleasant evening for everyone!

Happy Holidays

Dear friends,
This year the Christmas donations will go entirely to the Batwa Pygmy community, which has lost its entire harvest due to the worst drought in 60 years in Rwanda.

Also in their name we send you our most sincere wishes.

Thank you!

January 2016

Ensemble pour un avenir durable : Laura Spertini, member of our committee, attended the symposium in Zurich.

October 2015

First honey harvest : production is still limited, but the enthusiasm of the 24 members of the IKIMA cooperative rises.

Hopefully we can build the "Honey House" shortly ... We are waiting for the funds.

Scholarships : the Foundation that finances most of the scholarships has come to visit Nyamyumba and to meet the supported children. They visited all the facilities in the village and showed a lot of interest.

Today we are giving priority to secondary school scholarships. In fact, many poor families cannot allow their children to reach maturity and we take care of them. Thanks to the RC foundation!

House of the meeting : it ended and was inaugurated with a meeting of the whole community of the 4 hills which saw a turnout of about 300 people.
A very strong emotion for us who dreamed of this moment from the beginning: the three ethnic groups gathered and fraternally embraced.
Epilepsy Project : Angela Casadei is working on a new project for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. We await the OK from the Ministry of Health to decide whether it will be done in our dispensary independently or under the dependence of the Circolo di Munini Hospital.
The need for autonomy of our dispensary emerged during Angela's stay: she began the training for the diagnosis of Jean Paul, a local nurse (there are 100 people with epileptic problems who are being treated in Nyamyumba!). Many of them are so poor that they do not have the money to pay for the trip to the Munini hospital, for now the only one to have the necessary permits for treatment.
Summer 2015

One Laptop per child ( ):

110 computers have been delivered to Nyamyumba Primary School and this will mean a big change in the study!

Many activities:

- Ilaria Marchesini spent a week with various construction and design activities.

- Lisa Bosia, Katrine Keller, Jean de Dieu Bahahira and Jean Bosco coordinated the training of 21 people from Nyamyumba, women, men and boys, who received training in a short time. They have now installed modern hives by relocating their swarms from traditional hives.

- The construction project of the houses of the Batwa-Pygmies is now completed.
The 16 houses are home to over 90 people from the community.

- A house was built in Nyakanyinya for Emertha and her 3 children: HIV positive and widow, she asked for help during one of the last community meetings.

- Construction work on Anathalie Kayitayire's new home has begun in Nyamyumba.

- Construction work has begun on the multipurpose room which will serve as a meeting place for the 4 communities: the work is carried out in Umuganda (unpaid community work) by the community itself with the contribution of Mabawa for the roof, windows and concrete.

- New scholarships were distributed, particularly in secondary school, to very poor children who had had to interrupt their studies due to lack of funds. We are now at 39 support grants for professional, secondary and university students. The scholarships are almost entirely supported by a Foundation through Mabawa Italia.

The "House of encounter" wanted and built by the community as a symbol of the rediscovered living together is growing ... and always as a symbol Mabawa will put the roof on it!
Festamabawa of 28.03.2015

The first edition was a success of participation and results: the 850 invited to Palazzo Serbelloni made festamabawa unforgettable and the committee did an impeccable job. Thank you !

A sufficient amount was raised to face the "Beekeeping for Nyamyumba" project with sufficient means, training 60 future beekeepers and making available hives, honey extraction room and all the necessary material.

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Assembly 2014

The assembly for the year 2014 was held on Friday 17 April.

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Article about Who

In the edition of April 15, 2015 we talk about festamabawa ... and about us!

Article in Vogue

In the March edition of Vogue we are there too!

Bal en tête animalier

Invitation to the Pro-Mabawa benefit evening

Ascona Film Festival

Friday, February 27, 2015 Hotel Ascona, Hall of events. Click here for information

Minority Rights Group

We have been contacted by the head office and by the African office, who ask us to share mutual experiences in the context of the Pygmies project.

Thematic symposium FRAGILE STATES

Mabawa participated in the thematic symposium on November 15, 2014.

DEASS, SUPSI We cultivate diversity

Katrine gave a seminar at DEASS with a good participation of students and interested!

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