​Who are we


We are active in the Great Lakes region, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, an area which in recent decades has been the backdrop to terrible conflicts which have led to a tragic decline in living conditions for the population.

June 1998

A group of friends began working together, united by a desire to help families and children who are victims of war and have become destitute.


January 2004

The undertaking needed an official status, faced as they were with an exponential increase in their work, and so the Mabawa “Wings for Africa” (Switzerland) association was born.
The vision expanded to include aid for sustainable development and self-sufficiency for the whole community.


June 2007

Mabawa “Wings for Africa” (Italy) Regsitered Charity with its HQ in Milan was set up.


September 2009

The N.G.O.is registered in Rwanda. Reg 85 / DGI & E


Mission statement

Our strength lies in the specialist aspect of all our projects: the optimisation of social capital and best use made of human resources available in the village.


Nothing foreign is imposed upon the simplicity of the daily life of the residents in our communities, as these would likely give rise to further needs.


Sustainable development should not create reliance on outside resources but rather focus on making the most of that which is already available, these being human and social resources. This is the only inexhaustible strength of any rural community.

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