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September, 2019

As for the ongoing projects we have:

- toilets and showers have been refurbished with the proven system of recovering water from showers for flushing.

  ...the girls now have 32 shower boxes at their disposal... for over 200 girls.
- the 3 computer rooms got out from the multipurpose room, we plan adding as soon as possible the library with reading room
- the second scientific laboratory is very close to the end and the architect Festus has done a very successful job
- There are always so many secondary school scholars! 52 students... and what a result!
- Pygmies continue to improve the quality of their production: a "bell" of cover that raises the temperature of the oven.

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September, 2019

We are back from Nyamyumba and apologize for the delay in giving you the latest news... Let's start with the "health" projects, especially hypertension.

Great commitment and excellent results: Mabawa presented the project to the Ethics Commission of the Health Ministry of Rwanda.

Dr. Franco Muggli has been very good, clear and ...synthetic!

We are waiting for the final confirmation.

In Nyamyumba and Munini a lot of work was done with the two Ticinese nurses Barblina de Tann and Patrizia Venzin first and with Professor Paolo Sutter later.


Great interest and turnout.

August 2019

At the beginning of the month Katrine and Dr. Franco Muggli will leave for Nyamyumba and with the help of two Ticino nurses, Patrizia and Barblina, will work to make the hypertension project always better!


We will work both in the Nyamyumba Dispensary and at our reference hospital in Munini. Photographs and news will follow!

Late July 2019

The last pictures of the second scientific laboratory in Nyamyumba:

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...and some pictures from the school in Bwegera in Congo DRC. As you can see, the new school holds up very well, but the old one built in 2008 with few means needs a refurbishment! If you want you can help us by specifying "Bwegera".

July 2019

Theotime, true to its commitment to being supported by Mabawa in his master's degree in agronomy and agrobusiness, is at Nyamyumba to supervise, solve various problems and provide a wide range of... reinforcement at Komezumurimo. Thanks Theotime!

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Even the construction of the second laboratory is progressing by leaps and bounds, also because we must take advantage of the dry period and soon the Ministry of Education will give the certification for the scientific section.

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June 2019

We have received some photographs of the works just started for the construction of the second laboratory that will confirm the project "scientific section".

June 2019

At Nyamyumba secondary school big activity: renovation works of showers and latrines built in 2006 and still working... but in very bad condition. It was time to proceed!

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Even a little help makes a big difference for Nyamyumba


Help us by helping to finish the work... these are the men's services but also the women need them much is happening this month!


A special hive just arrived, from Australia given by a friend of ours. Thanks for your support!

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June 2019

Katrine met with the Minister of Health who suggested improvements in children's nutrition. That said: start with the eggs and we will see to integrate also avocado and bananas... Km0!

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June 2019

Katrine and Ilaria have just returned from a visit to the Great Nyamyumba, below some photographs.


There are a lot of news, a lot of projects are taking shape and things are working well.


Komezumurimo has recovered from the crisis with the departure of the President and it is very good... The banana grove is now producing enough for everyone and for the school!


The hypertension project is in its final stage with the approval of the Minister of Health and submission to the ethics committee.

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We did it! We did it!


Despite the adverse winds...


The science section has become a reality.


A huge satisfaction!




For secondary school

For students

For our committee

For those who have supported us



Mabawa won the award for the best integrated project for the South Province

The national television produced and transmitted the video you can find below... unfortunately only in Kinyarwanda but it is worth it for the beautiful images and the satisfaction: in competition there were big NGOs with capital inaccessible to us!


🧡 Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. 🤗


You are invited to the assembly for the year 2018 to be held on


18 April 2019

from 18:30

to the Multipurpose Hall of Muzzano

We look forward to seeing you in large numbers!

Click on the photo to enlarge the invitation!

The news from Congo DRC is always tragic but it seems that our Bwegera is a happy island.


Here are the latest photos of the end of term exams that Bitasira sent us.

Latest photographs of the laboratory of the scientific section... Only the students are missing but they are coming!

News from Bwegera, Congo DRC.

Excellent school results, aging structures and after 10 years some retouching will be done...


and the Great Nyamyumba village

to all supporters

all the best

30 NOVEMBER 2018

A nice Christmas dinner on November 30 at the Glicine di Cernobbio. Few people present, a special atmosphere... Thanks to those who were there 🧡!

20 NOVEMBER 2018

Here are some pictures of the Soroptimist evening of 20 November held at the Hotel de la Paix in Lugano. Katrine retraced the entire history of Mabawa from 1998 to the present day for those present. Thank you very much!


I'm back and here are some photos waiting for the evenings of November 20 and 30, where you will know more! Come in large numbers!


Waiting for the return of Katrine, who will tell us about the news about the ongoing projects and the village, here are some fresh photographs from Rwanda.

15 OCTOBER 2018

Hello everyone, I leave tomorrow night and go guess where ...

On my return I hope to see you numerous to these appointments, or at least to one of the two :) A hug and I hope to be able to put many photos of Nyamyumba on facebook and on the site. For now there are the latest news that seem to me really encouraging (photo gallery below). Komezumurimo never disappoints! Aaaaaaaah women :)

Katrine K.



It is now official: our project for hypertension, which we have named "Health Capital Project" has received two very important awards.


Almost at the same time, we received the endorsement awards that make them our partners in the project.

Logo SSH ok.jpg
WHL logo ok.jpg

Dr Franco Muggli and Katrine Keller leave every day for the last agreements with the Rwandan government.



The translation would be a bit long but in short...


Nyamyumba secondary school, our flagship school, took first place in the ranking of the southern province of Rwanda.


Thanks to all those who support us!


Click on the photo on the left to open the article

JULY 2018

We are almost there, the dormitory is now finished, the toilets are being completed.


As soon as you arrive from Rwanda, Léon sends us photographs of the work of the secondary school science laboratories.

MAY 2018

Work began on preparing the ground for the construction of new dormitories for male students who have been "temporarily" ... for some years now housed in the multipurpose room.


As always in Nyamyumba there is work for everyone but everything is done by hand... no bulldozers!

2 May, together with the E. Puricelli Foundation and the Insuperabili association, we received a donation that the Cantonal Police were able to give from the proceeds of the Police Rescue Race 2017.

A big thank you!

Funds allocated to scholarships at the Nyamyumba High School.


The Komezumurimo cooperative never ceases to amaze and we share with you the success of the banana plantation. "Bravi bravissimi"... and to be precise we would say "brave bravissime"! 34 members... Mostly women.

The work on the toilets mentioned last month is progressing well despite a rainy season heavier than usual.

3 may 2018:
12 may 2018:
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Things can't always go well... we found ourselves with a big problem to solve: the toilets of the secondary school (built with few means in 2005) are imploded and become unusable from one day to the next. 


The alternative was to close the school: Mabawa had to intervene urgently. An unexpected and rather high cost.


Dr. Franco Muggli spent 10 days in Nyamyumba organizing what we would like to be a model module to be followed in the screening of hypertension and cardiovascular risks.

The Minister for Health, Patrick Ndimubanzi, has received us and preparations are under way for the project to begin.




Autumn Dinner


The dinner was very nice.... But Katrine had no voice and could "whisper" just a few of the things she wanted to tell you!


Click here for more complete text and to review the photographs shown during the speech.


Our Pigmei-Batwa have decided to launch themselves into the sale of their works....

They entrusted Katrine with three of their pieces, which miraculously arrived intact from Africa!

They will be drawn during dinner on 1.

Anna will be present at the dinner on 1 December and you can meet her.

During the evening, copies of his book will be sold, the proceeds of which are entirely for Mabawa.

A nice idea for a Christmas little thought!


Click on the playbill to the left

for the invitation to the autumn dinner!

Friday 1 December 2017

from 19:30

At the Glicine restaurant

We have updated the facebook page with new photos!

Click on the logo to see them:)

Will and Josh are currently in Nyamyumba for a period of internship and are teaching computer programming with Scratch to the fourth and fifth primary students on the computers of the "One Laptop per Child"project.

The guys are very good guys and they are taking amazing giant steps.... having a lot of fun!

In August 2017, Dora and Silvia spent a period of internship with us in various activities with kindergarten children and primary and secondary school children.

It was a great success.... Thanks to both!

Katrine and Ilaria have just returned from Nyamyumba.

As far as agriculture is concerned, there are important innovations on the page relating to the agricultural project.

Also for health, there is no shortage of novelties: read here for the development of the epilepsy project.

Scholarships are always very numerous, read all the news on the pdf by clicking on the icon.


We would like to thank all those who took part in the concert on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 in Milan, thanks to the organizing committee for its excellent work.

The performance of Beethoven's ninth Symphony in the transcription of Liszt for piano with the virtuoso Maurizio Baglini, the choir of the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra and with his soloists, conducted by Erina Gambarini, is magnificent.

The proceeds of the evening were entirely donated to the Pigmei Batwa development project in Nyamyumba (Rwanda).

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