Microcredit rules (Italian)
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Great Nyamyumba: Microcredits


Mabawa Microcredits are granted to those who present innovative projects. A large proportion of the village inhabitants have attained a satisfactory standard of living thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit: seamstresses, small businesses, carpenters, small farms,...


As of May 2013, a minibus driven by a village driver offers a shuttle service to Butare (market, hospital, shops, etc...) making the village less isolated.

The bakery


Built in successive phases between 2006 and 2011. From 2008 it has been managed by a cooperative (with the help of a microcredit) and serves the village and the surrounding area. As of 2013 it operates completely independently.

The minibus


Mabawa instigated this project in order to make the village less isolated. It cannot be described as a microcredit (20,000 USD), although the conditions are the same: the interest rate will remain low for 3-4 years with the bus as collateral. It has been funded by private donors and Mabawa contributed a small part.


The village has welcomed this innovation with enthusiasm as it enables residents to travel to Butare at an affordable price. Trips to the hospital are now possible, as are visits to relatives, purchases from the markets and travel links to destinations further away using other modes of transport.

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