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the complete story of the  Great Nyamyumba Project

Nyamyumba Village


The village community of Nyamyumba was built as an emergency measure by the Rwandan Government in 1995 to provide refuge to those who survived the 1994 genocide.

For ten years the inhabitants have lived in very difficult circumstances and without any support. In January 2005, Mabawa arrived and undertook a development project to inject some life back into the community and to try to make the village self-sufficient again. The residents' endeavour has enabled them to find dignity and today, united in cooperatives and committees, they manage the entire enterprise. Total self-sufficiency is now a tangible prospect

The expansion of the village: Nyakanyinya


As of 2011, the nearby hilltop of Nyakanyinya (mainly Hutu) forms part of the Nyamyumba territory and as of 2012 Rubiha is also included. A “development and reconciliation cooperative” is underway and synergies are developing between the two communities as economic conditions improve. Mabawa has been a partner in the Nyaruguru district since 2005. From 2012, joint projects (financially and in practice) are underway in the areas of agriculture, the building of dwellings and provision of a water supply.



4 hills, "Great Nyamyumba", some figures:


1480 inhabitants:

403 men

564 women

512 children

235 families


Community Meetings:


Since the first meeting in May 2005, meetings have been many and have been occasions during which views could be expressed, questions asked and issues raised: essential in order for all to move forward together...

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