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In the Mineduc specifications, secondary school students must be able to practice sports for at least two hours a week: the sports field is one of the very few things still missing from the school.


The project includes a sports field and later the annexes: changing rooms for boys and girls with services.


The ground is already leveled and worked a first time.

The rainy season must now sufficiently compact it before construction.

Quote sports field:

FRW 23,500,000

€ 25.500

CHF 27,800


A raised funds will be

implemented the structures



Preventive annexes:

FRW 23,500,000

€ 25.500

CHF 27,800


In 2005, secondary school began with 170 students. Two blocks were built with dormitories, showers and latrines.

Today, the number of students has increased sharply, especially girls: tripled!
In 2018, a new modern male block was built, making the old male block available to girls who have doubled their capacity.

Everything will be to be modernized but urgent and indispensable have been the two blocks showers-latrines in use today: work done
to give the 210+ girls access to multiple locations.

General quotation
for each block (therefore
multiplied by two):

FRW 4,470,000 X 2
= FRW 8,940,000

€ 4.370 X 2
= € 8.740

CHF 4,750 X 2
= CHF 9,500

* Already performed


The first workshop is finished and in use; the second, completed, will enter into use at the beginning of the school year.

The third will be started with funds raised: compared to the previous ones, the cost will be lower because for physics there are fewer electrical, plumbing and gas systems.

The visit of the Mineduc inspectors has highlighted the need to have a complete scientific section.

Their visit was positive and they have already provided half of the consumables and equipment (total 30 million RWF).

Actual cost 1st lab
67,000 chf

Estimate of maximum 3°laboratory:
FRW 46,300,000
€ 45.200
CHF 50,000


Winning first place as the best secondary school in the province we received as a gift from the Ministry 100 laptops.

A quick decision had to be made after a visit from one of their inspectors: he threatened to have his laptops taken back if we didn't provide adequate premises.

Existing and new computers had to be placed in 3 suitable classrooms (insulation, electricity, etc.).

Work was done urgently and, in the absence of funds, instead of three new classrooms we used half of the multipurpose room building partition walls.

Cost of implementation
FRW 9,000,000
€ 8.800
CHF 9,600


* Already performed


In the remaining area:
library with hall of
reading, awaiting funding.

RWF 13,000,000
€ 13.650
CHF 14,900

A LATERTURKEY DRYER for use by the whole community

Maize is by far the most successful crop, not only in Nyamyumba, but throughout Rwanda, where it has become the dominant crop.

The problem arises from the need to dry the crop very carefully to ensure storage and avoid mold: in the silos available to them can hang only a small part.


There are structures everywhere to contain the crops.

The request of the villagers for a high capacity drying plant is therefore realistic and they have who are committed to participating in the work.

General quotation:
FRW 15,260,800
€ 16.300
CHF 18,000


Theotime Rutabubura, the
our most valuable
agronomist and former scholar
with a master's degree in
agrobusiness at the UNI of
Nairobi, undertakes to
accompany the community
agricultural use of the silo.


General quotation:

FRW 42,366,014

€ 41.514

CHF 45,000


They are not included in the

estimate eventual

more fountains for the


A new source of water has been discovered very close to the collection station of the first aqueduct that serves the
Great Nyamyumba. The spring should be channelled into special storage tanks and then conveyed, like the previous one, into a water network for two reasons:

1) for the damage it causes by being free, flooding the ground and allowing the eucalyptus to develop out of all proportion by

    creating major damage to existing pipes
2) With the number of students increasing, we would like to give the school better access to water, autonomous and safe.

We have been in contact with Jeff Uwizeye, who has built all our previous water projects. These have never given problems. We asked for and got his outline proposal but being a challenging project in several respects, not least the financial one, we are evaluating and reflecting on how and when to do it.


Last of the public health projects in the dispensary of Nyamyumba (15,000 users) after a dental office, a service of neurology/epilepsy, one of ultrasound (gynecology and neonatality) and from this year screening of hypertension and cardiovascular risks.

The project was started in autumn 2017 in the dispensary of Nyamyumba and shortly after extended to the Munini district hospital with which we are in close collaboration.

Mabawa operates as always by training local staff and setting in motion a process that is expected to become autonomous and repeatable elsewhere.

In 2019 it was presented to the Minisanté Ethics Commission and is now actively present on various levels: establishments, schools and the local population.

Now it is necessary to build a room in the Mabawa block (which houses dentist, epilepsy and ultrasound) of the dispensary, with changes to accommodate the headquarters and the hypertension clinic.

A new room is planned to move the current dental clinic (which requires less space) and various small arrangements to adapt the spaces to the new use (see floor below).

The project has received the recognition of the

World Hypertension League


Swiss Hypertension Society

The medical part of the project is supported by foundations and pharmaceutical companies.

General estimate for the construction of the new premises only:

FRW 9,500,000
€ 9.300
CHF 10,200

The few structural changes and the material for putting the hypertension surgery into operation will also have to be added.


Construction of a partition wall: the current separation is precarious as it is made of wood and also dated 2005.

It is planned to build concrete bricks (manufactured on site) or fired bricks (if the price of the latter drops).

General quotation:

FRW 3,514,000
€ 3.400
CHF 3,890

Taken in charge
by the Association of

* Already performed

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