Great Nyamyumba: Case


All Mabawa houses in the "Great Nyamyumba" are built on the same scheme: sometimes they vary by a few square meters when the family is larger (mother-in-law, cousins, single grandparents or orphans taken in) but always composed of 1 living room, 2 or 3 rooms, a kitchen (outside at the beginning and now inside, with a stove) and latrines. From 2005 to 2018 113 houses were built.


Each family also receives beds, benches and small furniture. With a microcredit, families can install electricity or add a mat ceiling.


Building a house takes 1 month of work.

Great Nyamyumba:

Built 113 houses since November 2005 with the support of sponsors, private foundations and the Canton Ticino.


These include the houses of the Batwa-Pigmies on the hill of Kajagali whose history is particularly touching for us: after a visit to the project, the Margherita Foundation adopted with a significant gesture and on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the entire reconstruction of the houses for the 15 families (100 people) and then 15 houses (7 semi-detached and one single-family) were later completed.


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