Great Nyamyumba: Housing
All the Mabawa dwellings in the "Great Nyamyumba" region are built on the same model: sometimes a few square metres larger or smaller according to the size of the family (in-laws, cousins, grandparents or orphans taken in) but they always comprise a living area, 2 or 3 bedrooms, a kitchen (initially outdoor but now indoor, with a stove) and a latrine.
Each family is also given beds, stools and some furniture. Microcredits enable families to install electricity or add a rush matting loft area.
It takes a month to build a house.
Great Nyamyumba:

113 dwellings build since 2005  with the support of sponsors, private foundations and Cantone Ticino.




Having visited the project, the  Margherita Foundation made the grand gesture, in honour of its tenth anniversary, of undertaking to pay for the entire build of homes for the 15 families.

Dwellings for them have been built, 7 semi-detached and one single: 15 families are already living in their new houses.

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