The heart of the shanty towns


After 13 years of support (as of 2011), the school in Kadutu has reached a level of independence such that it can now stand on its own two feet and our involvement has now come to an end.


The centre was created in 1998 and, with its startup cash, Mabawa rented a building where lessons could take place.

In 2000, money was raised to buy a plot of land and the schoolhouse (1200 square metres) was built where it now stands, with classrooms, a kitchen, refectory and water tanks.

The school is made up of 6 primary classes and 2 pre-school classes.

The children, now over 500, are allocated one of two “shifts”.
Many of the students that attended in the early years have continued into the upper school and one of them is now a teacher.

During the time we funded the school, a monthly figure was allocated to allow them to improve the quality of teaching by paying teachers regular salaries

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