Great Nyamyumba: Water for all


Nyakanyinya and Rubiha are linked to the Nyamyumba water mains:


This is part of the peaceful coexistence project between the two communities. 

The understanding that this cannot take place without similar quality of life and fair access to essential goods has led us to prioritise this project.


Nyakanyinya and Rubiha are situated on two hills and spread out over a vast area in traditional fashion(111 dwellings). The work was carried out in 3 phases over three years.


Phase I (completed December 2012):
connection to mains water supply (2.4 km of water pipes) and the construction of a tank and three water access points near the centre of the village.


Phase II (completed February 2013):
The building of a second water tank and access points in the more remote districts.


Phase III (completed December 2014):
The building of a third water tank and access points that would effectively serve the remaining areas of Nyakanyinya.


This project was carried out with the support of a private foundation and the Aziende Industriali Luganesi (AIL), Lugano Industrial Enterprises.

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